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Expert analysis and advice that meet all our clients’ needs.


Our consulting service comprises expert analysis and advice that meet all our clients’ needs when it comes to funding innovation.

We strive for excellence based on our core values of efficiency, accuracy, professionalism… and a friendly, down-to-earth approach.

F. Initiatives team is a leading consultancy firm in the European R&D financing sector, pursuing excellence in the quality of our services on 3 continents. Our approach is based on:
- sustainable growth of the company
- the wellbeing and professional development of our employees, and
- long-lasting relationships with our stakeholders.

We are continually consolidating our position as a multinational company and extending our business model to other services in response to client needs.

Our value-added? A proven track record, business dynamism, proximity to our clients, a global mind-set… and real agility.

Maryam Imani

R&D Consultant - F. Initiatives

Maryam Imani

R&D Consultant

F. Initiatives

Maryam is an R&D Consultant at F. Initiatives, with a particular specialism in engineering and biomedical sciences. Maryam has strong experience in the Biomedical Devices industry, having worked on the development of new orthopaedic products for a medical devices R&D company, giving her an in-depth understanding of the challenges faced within the scientific and engineering sectors. In addition, Maryam holds a PhD in Biomedical Engineering from Imperial College London, as well as both an MRes and an MSc.

Leon Archie

Business Development Manager - F. Initiatives

Leon Archie

Business Development Manager

F. Initiatives

Leon is a Business Development Manager for F. Initiatives, dividing his time between fostering existing commercial relationships and developing new business opportunities. Leon has built up significant experience cultivating commercial relationships within sectors ranging from Banking through to Software, and during this time, Leon has contributed to the success of early stage start-ups. This experience, combined with a background in Marketing and Media, helps Leon to truly understand the key drivers affecting small businesses.

Antoine Abbatucci

International Coordinator - F. Initiatives

Antoine Abbatucci

International Coordinator

F. Initiatives

Antoine is International Coordinator for the worldwide F. Iniciativas group, focussing his time on both bringing together knowledge from across our global offices in addition to developing new commercial opportunities in the UK. Antoine is an industry leader in international R&D incentives, regularly speaking at conferences and contributing towards a recent European Commission report into global innovation funding. Antoine holds Masters degrees in both Financial Management and Accounting, as well as Management Science, and has worked within the F. Iniciativas group for more than 6 years.

Guillaume Guerin

Senior Consultant - F. Initiatives

Guillaume Guerin

Senior Consultant

F. Initiatives

Guillaume is a Senior Consultant at F. Initiatives, with experience managing R&D tax claims and grants applications for business ranging from top 10 global OEMs through to innovative micro-companies. In addition to experience within management consultancy, Guillaume has a strong engineering background, holding an MEng from a top French engineering school, and an MSc in Power Systems Engineering from UCL. Guillaume maintains a passion for cutting edge technology, having produced published research in the field of power systems engineering, and has an in-depth knowledge of the R&D incentives landscape.

Thomas Hayden

Technical Director - F. Initiatives

Thomas Hayden

Technical Director

F. Initiatives

Thomas is Technical Director of F. Initiatives Ltd and is responsible for the management of consultancy operations within our business. As an industry leader in the field of R&D incentives, Thomas remains abreast of the latest developments in the UK and overseas. In addition, Thomas is a member of HMRC's R&D Consultative Committee, whereby he regularly meets with representatives from the Government, HMRC, and other industry leaders to both discuss and shape R&D policy. Thomas has a degree in Astrophysics and an in-depth knowledge of the software industry, as well as experience working within accountancy – this provides him with a strong insight into his clients’ financial and technical operations.

Nicolas Le Mintier

Managing Director - F. Initiatives

Nicolas Le Mintier

Managing Director

F. Initiatives

Nicolas is the Managing Director of F. Initiatives, having taken a leading role in the opening of our UK subsidiary after more than 5 years in commercial and leadership positions within our Paris office. Nicolas has a background in engineering and business, giving him a holistic view on both the technical and commercial undertakings within organisations. Upon opening F. Iniciativas’ UK subsidiary, Nicolas has built a team of highly competent professionals from a range of disciplines, and instilled a high-performance culture.


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Continuing to expand internationally is one of our most important strategic priorities. F. Initiatives now has offices in 8 countries: the United Kingdom, Spain, France, Portugal, Belgium, Canada, Brazil and Chile.

Through our international presence, we can accompany our clients in their development across borders, offering services adapted to the specific requirements of each country.


F.Initiatives believes in doing business responsibly and supports activities led by its employees to make the community a better place.














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