R&D tax credit rate and charges

What rates of R&D tax credit apply to the SME scheme?

This scheme offers a credit of up to 33 percent, which equates to 33p per £1 spent on qualifying R&D activity. The actual rates that your business will be awarded will be dependent on your Corporation Tax figure and whether you are in a profit or loss-making position. The R&D tax credits scheme includes eligible costs such as materials, staffing costs, subcontractor costs, consumables and utilities and some software types. Your expert advisor at F.Initiatives will be able to calculate your exact expected position as part of the R&D tax credits claim process, which we manage and submit to HMRC on your behalf for the best possible outcome.

What are the rates of R&D tax credit for the RDEC scheme?

Under the RDEC scheme, the tax credit is awarded at 12 percent. This means that eligible companies can, after deducting Corporation Tax, claim up to 10p back per £1 spent on R&D projects that qualify for tax credits. The rate is the same whether your business makes a profit or a loss. The RDEC scheme is aimed at larger businesses with 500 employees or more, or more than 100 million Euros in turnover and a balance sheet figure of more than 86m Euros.

How much of my R&D tax credit claim will F.Initiatives charge for its fee?

We work on a 100 percent success basis, meaning that we will only charge you for our services if we secure your business its research and development tax incentive payment. This makes the use of our services entirely risk-free. The fee will cover our entire service which carries out everything that you need to identify, prepare and submit an R&D tax credit claim to HMRC, with our expert team managing every stage of the process for you in a highly efficient, results-driven way. We also offer add-on consultancy services for specific areas relating to your research and development tax incentives or grants, depending on your needs. For example, your business might want assistance in setting up a more robust records keeping system for easier submission of future claims. Our team will be happy to talk through our charging approach and answer any questions that you might have when you get in touch.

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