Research and development grants

Which R&D grants exist for UK businesses, alongside the R&D tax credits scheme?

There are a number of grants provided by Innovate UK for British R&D business activities. The organisation exists to fund, support and link up innovative UK businesses through a tailored mix of programmes and people that help to accelerate Britain's economic success in a sustainable way. As a public sector organisation, this support is available to SMEs and larger companies who are looking to gain financial support for their R&D projects, either as a standalone approach or in conjunction with research bodies or other commercial entities.

F.Initiatives can help you to identify the grants that your business may be eligible to receive. These can include European R&D grants such as the Horizon 2020 programme which is designed to fund the development of emerging technologies. It has around 80 million Euros of funding to distribute to businesses between 2014 and 2020, with a focus on scientific excellence and industrial leadership as a solution to areas viewed as being primary challenges to modern society.

Other funds and schemes are available to help businesses, such as Eurostars, Cosme, Interreg, ERASMUS and Creative Europe. We will be happy to help identify the grants that your business may be eligible to receive and to support you with the application processes alongside your R&D tax credit scheme applications.

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