A new R&D tax relief claim process tailored for Start-ups

F.Initiatives, SME, Start-up - May 2018

In 2017, London was ranked first start-up city in Europe in 2017, counting the highest number of Start-ups registered in the city. The UK capital outdistanced Berlin and Paris which confirms its position as a great tech hub of the European market. In order to answer these newly established companies’ needs, F. Initiatives developed a tailored offer that is combining the Start-ups’ will to benefit from R&D tax relief incentives and fits into their budget at the same time.


r&d funding start ups in london 

What are the benefits?

Start-ups can benefit from the SME tax relief scheme that allows them to receive a relief up to 33,35% of their R&D expenditure. To do so, they need to build up an R&D claim report that will be submitted to HMRC for approval. A various range of rules needs to be respected to build this report and not every activity will qualify for R&D tax relief. If you want to learn more about the scheme, you can read our previous article: how to apply for R&D tax credits as an SME.

benefits of r&d for startups


What is included in the offer?

r&d start ups offering

  1. Initiatives developed a guided process that will help start-ups go through the intimidating procedure leading to HMRC’s approval for R&D tax relief. Our experts put in place a simple and efficient process! The offer is divided into four clear stages:
  2. Training: F. Initiatives starts the process with a 3 hours training session with one of our experts. During this meeting, our experts give you the keys to understand which projects fit HMRC’s requirements and how to present these projects in your claim. Templates also are provided to the Start-up to ease the following stage.
  3. Writing: The Start-up writes independently their R&D claim. No worries if you end up having doubts regarding to the report: our experts are just one call away to help you!
  4. Review: Our consultants review the claim during a 2 hours meeting. This enables the experts to identify any changes that should be made in order for the claim to be optimised and respect HMRC’s criteria.
  5. Submission: Once the claim is correct and finished, it is submitted to HMRC by the Start-up.

With this simple and guided process, start-ups are only looking at a fix fee of £1,000. This fixed amount is all included (training, support, and review of the claim by our experienced consultants)!

process of r&d start up application


This tailored support for Strat-ups’ R&D claims offers a balanced combination of technical expertise and financial guidance for companies that wish to benefit from the SME scheme. If you think that your company can qualify for R&D tax relief and you are interested to learn more about our offer, our experts are available for a call: +44 207 653 1921 or feel free to send us an email at: contact@f-initiatives.co.uk.


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