Introduction to R&D Tax Credits with F-Initiatives

F.Initiatives, Technical guidance - February 2018

Business innovation is the lifeblood of the UK economy, and the UK Government is keen to encourage and reward companies who are helping develop the next big thing for the business world. Tax relief and grants for research and development (R&D) are just two of the ways that small or large businesses can get help to make the big leap forward, but navigating the complex application system across the UK can be a challenge. From researching your R&D tax credit claims to putting your evidence chest together and actually making the claim, it helps to have an expert on your side who can provide a range of R&D tax credit services.

Who are we?

F. Initiatives are innovative and hard working R&D tax consultants, who can help you to get the tax relief you’re owed for your great work in a variety of industries. Unlike most R&D tax consultancies, F. Initiatives is made up of a team that is technology first, tax second. Many of our competitors are made up of finance professionals who have moved into the world of R&D tax, while all of our consultants have a technical background. This gives us a far more well-rounded understanding of the R&D tax landscape. We don’t just understand the small print, we understand your work as an innovator too.

We’re also experts in R&D tax credit, R&D Expenditure Credit (RDEC) and other R&D tax services, so whatever your needs are in the world of R&D taxation – we’re the team to help you out. We’re not just experts in technology, we also understand the R&D tax credit system from the perspective of businesses big and small, and we understand the needs of your industry, so we can apply a bespoke solution that makes your journey to claim R&D tax credits as easy as possible.

When you book a free consultation with our R&D tax advisors, their friendly and down to earth approach means you won’t be baffled or confused. As R&D tax advisors, we’ve worked with over 7,500 satisfied clients over the years from all walks of life, so if you’ve got a specific need or a special situation to consider, our R&D tax relief advisors will get on the case. We’ve also got 21 offices in 8 countries around the world, so we don’t fear complexity – whether it’s comparative tax systems or unusual or industry specific tax needs. All our R&D tax services specialists hold advanced qualifications in a variety of fields, from PhDs to engineering qualifications in specific industries, so we have the expertise to solve any problem.

Our business prides itself on a close and long-term working relationship with our clients, and we value sustainable growth in our organisation and our employees above all else, so we hope to grow and learn along with your business to help expand our range of R&D tax credit services. As a result, real agility and a genuinely dynamic approach are two of our core competencies, and we won’t be caught out by sudden changes or a shift in the global marketplace. By growing our business alongside our clients, our R&D tax advisors can come to understand your business like a native, so the more we work with you the more tailored our advice will be. We can also track your needs and business model across borders, to ensure your unique style of enterprise is reflected in solutions we design all around the world.

Building and maintaining positive client relationships

We don’t expect you to take our word for it: the proof of our success is in the many positive client relationships we have developed over the years, which demonstrates the effectiveness of our methodology-based approach to working with the UK’s R&D tax relief schemes. We meet all of our clients face-to-face on a regular basis, while many of our competitors will conduct the process remotely. This allows us to truly understand your work and your innovations; seeing really is believing!

We also design our services to be non-intrusive, demanding as little input from our clients’ finance and technical teams as possible, so that your company’s valuable time is free to keep expanding your business while we do our work for you. Confidence is the currency that R&D tax consultants live by, and our security and confidentiality procedures meet international standards so that our clients can act in safety.

If your company is an SME, you may rely on Government incentives in order to make your grand plans and ambitions come to fruition. By speaking to our R&D tax claims advisors, you can gain up to a 33.35% saving, depending on your company’s profitability. Our R&D tax consultants will work tirelessly with you to demonstrate the eligibility of your product spending to HMRC, and to help provide the technical and financial documentation you need to succeed in your application. Likewise, if you’re a larger business, we can help you save up to 8.8% of your R&D spend.

Throughout the whole process, you can rely on the expert insight of our R&D tax relief advisors to provide that extra competitive edge. Whatever industry you’re in, and whatever part of the world, all the advice and support we offer comes with the intelligent and dynamic ability to see the bigger picture and to tailor our advice to our clients’ specific needs. All our R&D tax relief advisors are multi-competency, and trained in both financial engineering and a relevant specialist area – so you’re dealing with experts, not robots. The team will be able to help you with any questions you have throughout the applications process, and we can also deal with further HMRC evidence and questions at no extra cost – so you can be sure that you’ll be supported, without a hefty bill at the end.

Contact our expert and trusted R&D tax advisors

So if you’d like to claim R&D tax credits, making R&D tax credit claims, or if you’re interested in any other R&D tax services, and you want to deal with some of the best in the industry, get in contact with our R&D tax relief advisors today. There’s no charge for your initial consultation, and a successful claim can have the money you need to grow your business in your account within four to six weeks. If you’re not sure if you qualify for R&D credit, or you’d like our help taking a look at an R&D claim, our expert and trusted R&D tax advisors can help you make it happen. We believe in proximity to our clients, and providing support wherever it’s needed, so you can also pop in to one of our several international offices for an appointment to see our R&D tax advisors – the most important thing is to get the ball rolling, so we can concentrate on securing your claim, while you concentrate on boosting your business above and beyond.

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